In 2010, the journey of Souvenirs de Pomme started. The collections were distinctive right from the outset, and with each passing year, their unique style became more defined.

The style of Souvenis de Pomme is recognizable by its color, its durability, its luxury feeling and its touch of daring. Our jewelry is made for the women who want to make a difference and a statement with their look.

What initially began in a modest attic space has had a remarkable evolution during last years. Since 2020, Cynthia Botton has been guiding you on an exciting adventure through a series of fresh and innovative collections.


Cynthia, born in Lima, Peru, and shaped by the influence of a strong and charismatic mother.

Cynthia embodies the qualities of femininity, pride, passion, and strength, virtues she inherited from her mom. In her role as the driving force behind Souvenirs de Pomme, Cynthia pays tribute to the memory of her mother and serves as a shining example of these values for her two precious daughters. This brand is her ode to the enduring legacy of family and love, connecting generations through the timeless beauty of jewelry.

For Cynthia, the art of gifting jewelry holds profound significance. It’s a sentiment that transcends time, an emblem of love and affection that never fades. Every glance at a cherished piece evokes a heartfelt smile, reinforcing the bonds of family and love.

“I grew up in South America where my mother Maria Mercedes taught me a love for jewelry.
It’s the way to express myself and cherish memories. For me SdP is an ode to my strong
mother.” – Cynthia Botton

Souvenirs De Pomme values (SDP)

Strength: Creating affordable and unique pieces for Strong women.
Daring: We Dare to stand out with statement jewelry for every day.
Passion: We have a Passion for our craft which is why all our jewelry is produced in
European ateliers.


Our atelier

4 times a year we design a collection that is developed in Italy by our in-house suppliers.
These family “ateliers” have guaranteed authenticity, quality and service for generations.
They develop the prototypes based on our sketches and technical drawings. In our offices we draw out the designs, develop and test the prototypes and put the finishing
touches to each piece of jewelry. Under the motto “work hard, play hard”, we want to provide every customer with top service, always with the right dose of fun.

Our quality

Brass is the basis for all jewelry. Thanks to a layer of 24-carat gold or high-quality palladium, your jewel will remain beautiful for longer and oxidation is avoided. The combination with Czech glass, Swarovski crystals and pearls, semi-precious stones and “Italian resin beads” always produces a unique result.