Please read carefully the following guidelines on ‘how to take care of your Souvenirs de Pomme jewelry’. 


Jewelry is meant to be worn as much as possible. However, it is recommended to remove them to avoid unnecessary damage in the following cases:

o For manual tasks, especially those involving chemicals or cleaning fluids.

o When applying make-up and other cosmetics such as hairspray, perfumes and / or lotions. Because these products often contain chemicals that run the risk of damaging your favorite jewelry, it is best to put on your jewelry afterwards.

o While bathing, showering or spending time in swimming pools and spas. Soap and chlorinated water can react with the materials in jewelry, causing it to discolor.

o During exercising. Solid equipment and heavy shocks are likely to damage your jewelry.

Our jewelry is made to last, but pieces that are handled (without care) due to excessive dropping, wear and tear, or improper transportation / storage, are more likely to wear out and potentially damage over time. Use common sense and care when carrying and storing your Souvenirs de Pomme item.


Clean your jewelry from time to time to extend its life.

o Use special jewelry cleaning products and a jewelry polishing cloth. Normal soap can create a film around the jewel, making it look dull, and anything other than a special jewelry cleaning cloth can cause scratches.

o Clean your jewelry with warm water instead of hot water.

Expect a natural tarnish over time with gold-plated metals. To reduce the effect of wear and tear, you can clean jewelry carefully with a soft polishing cloth and keep it in a dry place.

Tassels that are wrinkled:

Gently steam the brushes with a handheld steamer (or gently with a light iron) and they are as good as new!


It is recommended to keep your jewelry in a safe and dry place, away from direct (sun) light. If you have any questions about wearing, cleaning or storing your jewelry, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: info@souvenirsdepomme.be.